Sex Positions with Pillow

Even if it might not seem that simple at first, having some sex positions with a pillow can be fun and liberating. Add in some sex toys and you will end up having a lot of fun as you enjoy all the moments and the experience itself. Here you can find some great sex positions with a pillow that you can use today. And remember, you can also add in some sex toys for couples for that extra pleasure and fun.

Half pipe

Here you have to create a cylinder of pillows, add the sex toys for couples on the clit and then press against the pillow. The partner will need to kneel and then slide a finger. It’s a very creative and also fun position that you can try out. It’s definitely going to take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s one of the nicer options and it will give you immense happiness and fun, which is what you really need in the end.

Deep dog

Once you have a heap of pillows towards the edge of the bed, you have to prop on the knees on them. Now the partner will enter for a startling and impressive result. It really is something cool and different, and you will like it just because it’s so enjoyable and fun in the first place. It’s going to take a bit to get used to this, yet it’s one of those situations when you will enjoy the experience and results themselves can be very interesting.


With a few pillows and sex toys you can do the Rampage too. The idea here is that you create a pillow fort and then you go towards the edge of the bed. He will be there behind your back. Again, this is a really creative position with some interesting ideas and you will enjoy the great things in it as you can imagine. It’s certainly different and you will enjoy this all the time without major worries. That’s certainly worth checking out.

Valley of fire

The valley of fire position requires you to create a big stiff of pillows to offer him support. You then go on top of him, with your back towards his face. The position itself can use some sex toys for couples. But this is not mandatory, so you may want to take it into consideration and enjoy it all the same. That’s something to consider and you will appreciate the results and the entire process itself without major worries.

It’s always nice to use sex toys to ramp up your experiences. And if you can use pillows for such positions, things are even more interesting. The idea here is that you have to be creative and come up with all kinds of cool ideas to make it work. Of course there are some challenges as you try to adapt these positions to your own needs. But it’s definitely a lot of fun and it’s a creative experience that you do not want to miss at all.