A guide to using the best Dick Ring SVAKOM Tyler

Some couples always seek creativity and grasp any chance they get for improving their performance in bed. Satisfactory sex is after all very important for any couple. Dick rings are one of the most popular and most used sex toys in the world. And there’s definitely a multiple reason for its popularity! Firstly, it doesn’t let the blood flow back to the penis and when that happens erections are long-awaited resulting in long and steamy action in the bed. Also, when you know that you’re going to last longer in there, penetrative sex can be easily tried and enjoyed by the couples.

But, for the couples who have not used it yet or for the ones who think they’re doing it wrong; here’s a complete guide to using the vibrating cock ring:

  • Make sure it’s your size

When it comes to the vaginas and dicks, people need to be extra careful before putting anything on them. Be it some antiseptic cream or a sex toy. Like the ladies are very careful about cleaning their sex toy properly before putting it in, guys need to take care of the sex toy they’re purchasing for their dick as well.

For your dick, there’s a simple rule “you want the dick ring to make you feel tight, but only enough to not make you feel congested. This cock ring by SVAKOM will easily fit on the dicks and give her the time of her life.

  • Do not use it for more than 20 minutes

Well, you like any other couple would want to last longer while having sex. But, in case you’re using a vibrating cock ring down there, it’s advisable to not put it on for more than 20 minutes because it can really injure the penis for a lifetime if put on for a long time. There are multiple signs that show that it’s time to take it off as the feeling of numbness or a slight pain down there. Changing the color of the skin is another one.

SVAKOM’s vibrating cock ring is durable as it’s chargeable. So, whenever you feel like action, you can put it on and have some fun.

  • Shave, shave, shave!

Ask the ladies how it hurts when the goggles trouble their hair pulling them hard. Pubic hair is much more painful and embarrassing. So, before you put on a vibrating cock ring, make sure you’ve shaved because if it pains, that’ll be a major turn off.

vibrating cock rings

Normal dick rings are pleasurable but imagine using a vibrating one instead of them. Well, it’s a hundred times more pleasurable when something will be caressing the guy’s dick and the lady’s clitoris down there while they’re blowing off some steam. Though men enjoy the vibration too women enjoy them the most and this might be the reason for guys to buy SVAKOM’S vibrating cock ring today! Gift this extremely pleasurable product to your partner and get some spark in your sex life. This product has super powerful vibration which will make the couple’s night in multiple ways, it’s waterproof and it does not even make the irritating vibration noise. Hence, you’re getting it all in one product.

So, here we’ve listed all the stuff that you needed to know about the vibrating cock rings and how to use them. It’s suggested for you to go through the pointers carefully to derive the complete satisfaction out of this amazing sex toy. Fill in your sex life with some wildness and more pleasure with this vibrating cock ring by SVAKOM.