Best Lubes to have that thrilling orgasm

Ever since 50 shades of grey came into the theatres and all our laptops, we’ve all been fantasizing about our sexual lives to be that exciting some day. Don’t worry! You don’t essentially need cuffs or whip to have that type of sex life because there’s a lot out there which will subsequently improve your sex life a little more. Actually, before you even think about using sex toys with your partner, you need to move step by step. Sex toys are a wild option for sure but lubes ensure safe and enjoyable sex first. As long as it’s smooth and wet down there, it’s always a good experience.

People have been underestimating the effect of lubes ever since they’ve known sex toys. When the lube is used properly, the penetration is smoother and yet more enjoyable for both men and women. No matter if you have a hit sex toy in the bedroom,you can always add a lube to add spice into the bedroom and make it more happening. We all love the normal routine way too much and trying anything new in our sexual lives is always a big deal for us. Or is it? If you don’t hesitate when it comes to experimenting in bed, lube is definitely a hit product for you. You can discover new sex positions, stimulations, orgasms, and much more if you start using lube.


Women’s health and hygiene down there is a tricky deal that need to be taken care of very nicely and neatly. Especially, if a woman is sexually active, she need to take care of her intimate parts even better than earlier. This product is a unique water based formula that was designed by women only who understood the importance of maintaining pH balance down there. Each ingredient in this product is carefully chosen to keep that balance intact while it also boosts pleasure. Apply as the situation demands for infinite comfort and pleasure.


This product was a women’s invention as well as they understand the main purpose of lubes for women. They knew that sex can sometimes be painful for women and even disturb the hygiene down there. That’s why lubrication during sex is important too and need to be taken care of. Each of the ingredient in this product is chosen carefully to take care of the pH balance and healthy vagina. More lubrication mean more comfort and pleasure.


This product ny SVAKOM known as passion fruit lubricant is a water-based formula which was designed for those who require extra lubrication during the action in bed. Do not worry about your vagina’s health because all the ingredients are chosen carefully to keep the pH intact and pleasure on the same hand too. Apply as desired during the action even if you need to stop.

SVAKOM Water-based Soothing & Warmming Lube 100ml

When it comes to a pleasurable sexual experience, lubes are always in mind. As people often say about sex- “the wetter the better”! This is the main reason why lubes were invented in the first place. Lubes keep it wet down there and that enables a smooth and pleasurable experience for both men and women. This product by SVAKOM is a water-based formula, which is a warm moisturizer designed to improve pleasure and intimacy between couples. It moisturizes the vagina and anus in order to have a smooth sexual activity anywhere you want. The product is built with medically safe ingredients which will always keep the woman’s vagina healthy keeping the pH intact.

If you want to have anal activities with sex toys like remote control anal plug, you should definitely have a lube.