How do I purchase a sex doll discreetly?

It’s quite tricky to buy a sex doll depending on your means. Either way, you might have trouble walking to a store to find your preferred love doll. Thanks to the technology, there are great websites like Amazon offering a wide variety of SEX dolls. They ship discreetly not because they are afraid of what they are shipping but they respect your privacy.

In this sex dolls review, we are going to look at how you can purchase a sex doll secretly.

Find Safe Online Stores

All online stores are not the same. To start with, you need to find a reputable store. Next, you will want to buy a product that is safe and made of non-toxic material. There are materials that you should avoid because they are unhealthy to your body.

With plenty of online stores, there is no much regulation prohibiting what chemicals should not be used in sex dolls. The internet has been around for a long and some have emerged to be the best sellers.

Identify Discreet Shipping Policies

Even if you are open-minded you will not want to see a box at your doorstep written on “Dildo Emporium” in capital letters. The good news, even renowned online stores like MyDollWife are aware of this. As such, they offer discreet shipping.

Different stores have a different approach to this policy. Before you shop on any sites, be sure to go through FAQs or shipping and discretion policy page.  Once you are done, it won’t cost you a dime to go through some reviews.

How to buy a love doll without a delivery man or neighbor knowing?

Most retail stores would package love dolls discreetly rather than publicizing the content. But the delivery guy might know it because he is the one who will collect.

Let’s assume the shop doesn’t have some decency. Tell them to wrap it in a way it doesn’t show the contents in the box. Get the contact of the delivery and ask him to deliver at a specific place be it a restaurant or a shop.

If you have access to a debit card preferably your own it is much easier. Online store rarely asks for age verification and the delivery is likely to ask for identification for verification. If your parents respect your privacy, you should not have any problems.

We tend to believe in reviews but reviews that don’t live up to their policy show one thing; you are taking a risk no matter what.

The above are different ways you can discreetly shop your love doll. If you don’t have a problem with the contents of the box to be displayed, well and good. To sum up everything;

Ask about delivery policies. Make requests that are comfortable to you when it comes to delivery. You are the customer and they should do what makes you happy. If the store has its delivery policies, be sure to go through them. You will not want to open your front door and see a box with an adult drawing.

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